“The greatest athlete who has ever lived.” – Michael Johnson

“Usain Bolt is a legend, a true ambassador of the sport.” – Mo Farah

“Usain Bolt is a force of nature.” – Richard Branson

“Usain Bolt is a genius on the track.” – Carl Lewis

“Usain Bolt has shown that impossible is nothing.” – David Beckham

“Usain Bolt is a real inspiration to me.” – Stephen Curry

“Usain Bolt is the fastest man on the planet, but he’s also a gentleman and a great role model.” – Lewis Hamilton

“Usain Bolt has shown the world that Jamaicans are not just good at running, but also at being a great human being.” – Bob Marley

“Usain Bolt has redefined what it means to be a sprinter.” – Donovan Bailey

“Usain Bolt is an inspiration to people all over the world.” – Ellen DeGeneres

“Usain Bolt is the personification of fast, strong and unstoppable.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Usain Bolt is a living legend and a true ambassador for Jamaica.” – Bob Geldof

“Usain Bolt is a global icon who has transcended the sport of track and field.” – Roger Federer NCC MEMORIES QUOTES

“Usain Bolt’s charisma and energy are infectious.” – Usain Bolt

“Usain Bolt is the perfect example of how hard work and determination can lead to greatness.” – Barack Obama

“Usain Bolt has made us all proud to be Jamaican.” – Shaggy

“Usain Bolt is simply untouchable.” – Tyson Gay

“Usain Bolt is a freak of nature, but he’s also the most human athlete I’ve ever seen.” – Kevin Hart

“Usain Bolt is a true champion who has inspired a generation of athletes.” – Wayne Rooney

“Usain Bolt has conquered the track and now he’s conquering the world.” – Jay-Z

“Usain Bolt is a living legend who has set the bar very high for future generations of athletes.” – Usain Bolt

“Usain Bolt is the fastest man alive, but he’s also a true gentleman and a great athlete.” – Cristiano Ronaldo

“Usain Bolt is a true ambassador for his country, his sport and for humanity.” – Desmond Tutu

“Usain Bolt is the ultimate athlete, a true champion and an inspiration to us all.” – Usain Bolt