“The worst kind of suffering is the one that goes unnoticed.” – Ashly Lorenzana

“Suffering in silence is like carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, alone.” – Temitayo Ibrahim

“The only thing worse than suffering in silence, is not being heard when you finally speak out.” – Unknown

“Silent suffering is the most miserable kind.” – Jane Austen

“The worst feeling in the world is to suffer in silence.” – Sherman Alexie

“To suffer in silence is the lowest form of pain.” – David Allen

“The pain of silence is often greater than the pain of words.” – Leslie H. Walton

“Silent suffering is a pit that can easily swallow you whole.” – Joanne Crisner

“Silent suffering is a form of self-torture.” – Joe Dispenza

“It is better to speak and be heard than to suffer in silence and be ignored.” – Plato

“Suffering in silence is the biggest act of defiance towards yourself.” – Unknown

“Suffering in silence is the ultimate test of endurance.” – Unknown

“The greatest tragedy is when we suffer in silence and never seek help.” – Unknown I DON T LIKE PEOPLE QUOTES

“Silent suffering is like a simmering volcano waiting to erupt.” – Joel Osteen

“Silent suffering is a soul-killing disease.” – Brene Brown

“Suffering in silence is a form of surrender.” – Marianne Williamson

“Silent suffering is the breeding ground of hopelessness.” – Unknown

“The most destructive form of pain is the one we inflict upon ourselves by suffering in silence.” – Unknown

“Silent suffering is a slow death of the soul.” – Unknown

“The greatest disservice we can do to ourselves is to suffer in silence.” – Unknown

“To suffer quietly and without complaint is one of the most difficult things in life.” – Unknown

“Silent suffering is a prison with invisible bars.” – Unknown

“The greatest courage is to ask for help instead of suffering in silence.” – Unknown

“Silent suffering is the loudest scream.” – Unknown