“Speeding does not make you faster, it makes you more vulnerable.” – Unknown

“The faster you go, the less control you have.” – Unknown

“Speeding is like taking a shortcut to danger.” – Unknown

“Speeding is a choice, safety is a responsibility.” – Unknown

“Speeding is not a skill, it’s a risk.” – Unknown

“Speeding is a quick trip to the hospital, the morgue or jail.” – Unknown

“Speeding doesn’t save time, it steals life.” – Unknown

“Speeding is reckless, don’t be an accident waiting to happen.” – Unknown

“Speeding is not worth the consequences.” – Unknown

“Speeding isn’t just against the law, it’s also against common sense.” – Unknown

“The fastest way to ruin a good day is to speed.” – Unknown

“Speeding is not only dangerous, it’s also selfish.” – Unknown

“The biggest problem with speeding is not getting caught, it’s the consequences if you do.” – Unknown MEANINGFUL DANDELION QUOTES

“Speeding is like playing Russian roulette with your life.” – Unknown

“Speeding robs you of the opportunity to appreciate life’s journey.” – Unknown

“Speeding is for the impatient, the inconsiderate and the foolish.” – Unknown

“Speeding is a sign of immaturity, ignorance or both.” – Unknown

“The only good thing about speeding is that it’s optional.” – Unknown

“Speeding is a short-term solution to a non-existent problem.” – Unknown

“Speeding is like throwing caution to the wind and hoping for the best.” – Unknown

“The only time you should be in a hurry is when you need to use the restroom.” – Unknown

“Speeding is the silent killer on our roads.” – Unknown

“Speed limits are not suggestions, they’re laws.” – Unknown

“Speeding is not a privilege, it’s a danger to us all.” – Unknown