“Selfish parents are like weeds, they always take more than they give and stifle anything that tries to grow around them.” – Unknown

“A selfish parent is a contradiction in terms.”- Unknown

“Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live.” – Oscar Wilde

“Selfishness is oftentimes mistaken for confidence, when in reality, the two could not be more different.” – Unknown

“Selfish parents raise selfish children, who in turn become selfish adults. It’s a vicious cycle.” – Unknown

“The worst kind of parent is not the abusive one, but the selfish one who puts their own wants and needs above their children’s.” – Unknown

“A selfish parent may provide their child with material things, but they can never give them the love and attention they deserve.” – Unknown

“Selfish parents leave lasting scars on their children’s hearts, which may never fully heal.” – Unknown

“Selfish parents create dysfunctional families that are prone to issues like addiction, depression, and mental illness.” – Unknown

“The selfishness of a parent will always negate the love they have for their children.” – Unknown

“Putting your own needs above your child’s is the ultimate form of selfishness.” – Unknown

“Selfish parents always find a way to justify their behavior, even when it’s hurting their children.” – Unknown

“A parent who is unable to put their child’s needs before their own is a parent who is unfit to have children.” – Unknown GUJRATI ATTITUDE QUOTES

“It takes more than just providing for your child to be a good parent. You must also be selfless in your actions and attitude.” – Unknown

“There is nothing worse than a parent who uses their child as a means of fulfilling their own selfish desires.” – Unknown

“Selfish parents are unable to see the damage they are causing to their children, and that’s the saddest part of all.” – Unknown

“The love of a selfish parent is conditional and comes with strings attached.” – Unknown

“Selfish parents teach their children that it’s okay to put themselves first at all times, at any cost.” – Unknown

“Selfish parents will never be able to understand the depth of their child’s pain until they start putting their child’s needs before their own.” – Unknown

“No child should ever have to compete with their parent’s own selfish desires.” – Unknown

“Selfish parents manipulate their children to get what they want, without regard for the long-term consequences.” – Unknown

“Parenting is about selflessness and sacrifice, not selfishness and entitlement.” – Unknown

“Selfish parents may be able to provide their children with material things, but love and attention cannot be bought.” – Unknown

“A selfish parent is like a venomous snake, slowly poisoning their child’s soul with their own self-serving agenda.” – Unknown