“Rebellion is not always bad. Sometimes, it’s necessary to shake things up and create positive change.” -Unknown

“Rebellion is the only thing that keeps us moving forward.” -John Mellencamp

“A person who rebels against what they are expected to do will find themselves doing incredible things.” -Unknown

“Rebellion is the birthplace of creativity.” -Unknown

“The only thing that can conquer power is the power of rebellion.” -Anthony Burgess

“All progress is born out of rebellion.” -Unknown

“Without rebellion, there can be no freedom.” -Earl Warren

“In order to be free, one must rebel against oppression.” -Unknown

“Rebels are often just misunderstood visionaries.” -Unknown

“Only those who dare to rebel will ever truly be free.” -Unknown

“Rebellion is the first step towards change.” -Unknown

“The ultimate rebellion is taking control of your own life.” -Unknown

“Rebels are not criminals, they’re pioneers.” -Unknown DON T COMPARE YOUR LIFE TO OTHERS QUOTES

“A true rebel never follows the crowd.” -Unknown

“Rebellion is a way of being, not just an act of defiance.” -Unknown

“Rebellion is the refusal to conform to the status quo.” -Unknown

“Rebels are the ones who chart new paths and lead others to follow.” -Unknown

“Rebels often see what others cannot.” -Unknown

“In a world that values conformity, true rebels stand out as beacons of hope.” -Unknown

“Rebellion is the voice of the oppressed.” -Unknown

“Rebels challenge what is, and imagine what could be.” -Unknown

“Rebellion is the fire that keeps the human spirit burning bright.” -Unknown

“Those who fear rebellion are often the ones who hold the most power.” -Unknown

“Rebellion is not an end in itself, but a means to a higher purpose.” -Unknown