“Polarization is the enemy of democracy.” – Barack Obama

“Polarization is often a result of oversimplified or exaggerated claims on both sides.” – Christina Hoff Sommers

“Polarization is the cancer of democracy, the enemy of freedom, and the friend of tyranny.” – Bill Bradley

“Polarization is not just a political problem; it’s a societal one.” – Reihan Salam

“Polarization is not the result of democracy, but of a failure to promote it.” – Fareed Zakaria

“Polarization is a problem of the extremes, not the center.” – Jeffrey Rosen

“Polarization is the result of people being more interested in being right than finding common ground.” – David Nevins

“Polarization is the enemy of progress.” – Kamala Harris

“Polarization is a sign of a broken system.” – John Kasich “Polarization is the result of our collective failure to engage with each other in a meaningful way.” – Dan Pfeiffer

“Polarization is what happens when we listen only to those who agree with us.” – Margaret Wheatley

“Polarization arises when people choose ideology over empathy.” – Andrew Yang

“Polarization is a symptom of our inability to learn from each other.” – Elizabeth Warren ROSE DAY QUOTES FOR MY LOVE

“Polarization is a self-fulfilling prophecy.” – Daron Acemoglu

“Polarization is like a virus that spreads when we least expect it.” – Nancy Lublin

“Polarization is the result of people being too focused on their own interests.” – Justin Trudeau

“Polarization erodes the social fabric of our communities.” – Corey Booker

“Polarization leads to extremism, and extremism leads to violence.” – Anne-Marie Slaughter

“Polarization is the tool of those who seek to divide and conquer.” – Tim Kaine

“Polarization is a failure of leadership.” – Kristin Gillibrand

“Polarization is the enemy of creativity.” – Pat Buchanan

“Polarization is what happens when people stop talking and start shouting.” – Cory Gardner

“Polarization is not inevitable, it is a choice.” – Stacey Abrams

“Polarization is a reminder that we need to work harder to bridge our differences.” – Michael Bloomberg