“Entitlement is a disease that destroys one’s character.” – Dr. Henry Cloud

“The greatest challenge in life is not overcoming adversity, it is overcoming entitlement.” – Unknown

“Entitlement is simply the belief that you deserve something without having to work for it.” – Brian Tracy

“Entitlement is a dangerous mentality because it blinds us to the hard work and persistence that is necessary for success.” – Michael Hyatt

“Entitlement is the opposite of gratitude.” – Brene Brown

“Entitlement is an attitude, not a circumstance.” – Unknown

“Entitlement is a dangerous game to play, because it always ends in disappointment.” – Unknown

“Entitlement is a prison that locks you in your own self-importance.” – Unknown

“Entitlement leads to expectation, and expectation leads to disappointment.” – Unknown “Entitlement is not a sign of strength, it’s a sign of weakness.” – Unknown

“Entitlement is a disease that affects not only the entitled, but also those around them.” – Unknown

“Entitlement is like a weed that grows in the garden of the soul, choking out everything else.” – Unknown

“Entitlement is the thief of humility.” – Unknown GHETTO QUOTES

“Entitlement is a trap that we set for ourselves.” – Unknown

“Entitlement is not a badge of honor, it’s a scarlet letter.” – Unknown

“Entitlement is a prison that we build for ourselves.” – Unknown

“Entitlement is a blindfold that prevents us from seeing our own faults and weaknesses.” – Unknown

“Entitlement is a recipe for disaster, because it leads to complacency and inaction.” – Unknown

“Entitlement is a mindset that leads to entitlement behavior.” – Unknown

“Entitlement is the enemy of progress.” – Unknown

“Entitlement is a form of self-imposed slavery.” – Unknown

“Entitlement is a cancer that eats away at our sense of self-respect and self-worth.” – Unknown

“Entitlement is a sign of immaturity, not maturity.” – Unknown

“Entitlement is a trap that we fall into when we forget the value of hard work and sacrifice.” – Unknown