“Candy corn is the ultimate sign of fall.” – Unknown

“I don’t trust people who don’t like candy corn.” – Unknown

“Candy corn: the brightest fall colors in your candy bowl.” – Unknown

“I love candy corn so much that I wish it was a year-round candy.” – Unknown

“Candy corn is a little bite of happiness in every kernel.” – Unknown

“Candy corn is like autumn’s confetti.” – Unknown

“You can’t have a truly festive Halloween without candy corn.” – Unknown

“I could eat candy corn until I’m cornier than a field in Iowa.” – Unknown

“Candy corn is the only candy that looks like a piece of fall.” – Unknown “Candy corn is the perfect snack for anyone with a sweet tooth.” – Unknown

“Candy corn: a candy that’s both cute and delicious.” – Unknown

“A handful of candy corn a day keeps the Halloween blues away.” – Unknown

“Candy corn is to Halloween what the turkey is to Thanksgiving.” – Unknown CHORES QUOTES

“Candy corn is a treat that never gets old.” – Unknown

“Candy corn is the unofficial mascot of Halloween.” – Unknown

“Candy corn is the ultimate comfort food.” – Unknown

“If I could have a candy corn shower, I would.” – Unknown

“Candy corn is the ultimate fall indulgence.” – Unknown

“Candy corn is the perfect way to start the holiday season.” – Unknown

“Candy corn is like a party in your mouth.” – Unknown

“Candy corn is the perfect complement to a cool autumn day.” – Unknown

“Candy corn is proof that the best things in life come in small packages.” – Unknown

“A little bit of candy corn goes a long way in making any day sweeter.” – Unknown

“Candy corn: a delicious reminder that fall is officially here.” – Unknown