“Being second best is just a reminder to keep fighting for what you want.” -Terry Mark

“It’s tough to be second best, but it’s worse to settle for it.” – Kristin Kauffmann

“I may not be the best, but I always give my best.” -Unknown

“Sometimes being second best is just a matter of perspective.” -Unknown

“Never let being second best stop you from striving to be the best.” -Unknown

“Being second best can be a motivator to push yourself harder.” -Unknown

“Being second best is not a failure, it’s simply an opportunity to improve.” -Unknown

“Being second best is a challenge, not a defeat.” -Unknown

“The key to being second best is to never give up on being the best.” -Unknown

“Being second best is still better than not trying at all.” -Unknown

“Being second best doesn’t mean you are less valuable.” -Unknown

“Being second best is a stepping stone to becoming the best.” -Unknown

“Being second best means there’s still room for improvement.” -Unknown PARENTS QUOTES ISLAM

“Being second best is a reminder to keep pushing your limits and striving for more.” -Unknown

“Being second best doesn’t mean you’re not worthy of love, respect, and recognition.” -Unknown

“It’s not about being second best, it’s about being the best version of yourself.” -Unknown

“Being second best is not a derogatory label, it’s an opportunity to grow.” -Unknown

“Being second best doesn’t define who you are, it’s just a momentary status.” -Unknown

“Being second best is not a failure, it’s a stepping stone to success.” -Unknown

“Being second best is a temporary setback, not an endgame.” -Unknown

“Being second best is just a test of character.” -Unknown

“Being second best is not an excuse to give up, but a motivation to keep going.” -Unknown

“Being second best is a humbling experience that teaches you to be gracious in defeat.” -Unknown

“Being second best is a reminder that there’s always someone better to aspire to become.” -Unknown