“If he cheats with you, he cheats on you.”

“There’s no such thing as a happy adulterer.”

“A married man cannot give you his all.”

“If he can lie to his wife, he can lie to you.”

“You’re worth more than being someone’s secret.”

“One day, he’ll do to you what he’s doing to his wife.”

“Nothing good can come from being the other woman.”

“Don’t let his wife’s tears water your garden.”

“You can’t build a future on someone else’s foundation.”

“The price of a relationship with a married man is your self-respect.”

“The guilt and shame will always be present.”

“You’re not a homewrecker, but you’re not saving the home either.”

“The consequences of an affair will eventually catch up to you.” QUOTES ON THUG LIFE

“Infidelity is a character flaw, not a relationship problem.”

“Don’t settle for being someone’s second choice.”

“You deserve a relationship built on honesty and mutual respect.”

“You’re not just hurting his wife, you’re hurting yourself.”

“An affair is not a sustainable foundation for a long-term, meaningful relationship.”

“The excitement of a secret romance will eventually fade.”

“Don’t confuse temporary satisfaction with true love.”

“When the rose-colored glasses come off, you’ll see the reality of the situation.”

“Don’t sacrifice your morals for temporary pleasure.”

“There’s no future in a relationship that begins with deception.”

“You deserve a love that’s worth the wait and not worth the pain.”