“Advocacy is speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves.” – Unknown

“Advocacy is not about giving a voice to the voiceless. It is about amplifying the voices that have been silenced.” – Unknown

“Advocacy is the act of caring for and standing up for the needs and rights of others.” – Unknown

“Advocacy is an invitation to speak up for those who have been forgotten or silenced.” – Unknown

“Advocacy is about finding strength in the midst of vulnerability.” – Unknown

“Advocacy is not simply a job, but a calling.” – Unknown

“Advocacy is not about power, it’s about empowerment.” – Unknown

“Advocacy is not a task for a day, but a commitment for a lifetime.” – Unknown

“Advocacy is the essence of social change.” – Unknown “Advocacy is at the heart of all progress.” – Unknown

“Advocacy is the art of talking to people who have already made up their minds.” – Unknown

“Advocacy is the bridge between knowledge and action.” – Unknown

“Advocacy is the difference between a whisper and a shout.” – Unknown GO HARDER QUOTES

“Advocacy is the power of one person to make a change.” – Unknown

“Advocacy is the voice of the people in a world full of noise.” – Unknown

“Advocacy is the art of persuasion, with passion as its driving force.” – Unknown

“Advocacy is the heartbeat of the community.” – Unknown

“Advocacy is about speaking up, speaking out, and speaking truth to power.” – Unknown

“Advocacy is the courage to challenge the status quo.” – Unknown

“Advocacy is the spark that ignites change.” – Unknown

“Advocacy is not about doing what’s easy, it’s about doing what’s right.” – Unknown

“Advocacy is the foundation of justice.” – Unknown

“Advocacy is not a competition, it’s a collaboration.” – Unknown

“Advocacy is the heartbeat of democracy.” – Unknown