“Piece of a larger whole”

“Segment of a whole”

“Fraction of a complete entity”

“Element of a bigger picture”

“Unit of a greater entirety”

“Portion of a complete set”

“Part and parcel of a larger system”

“An aspect of a wider scope”

“A constituent of a comprehensive system” “A piece that contributes to the whole”

“A division of a complete structure”

“A section of a broader category”

“A slice of a comprehensive puzzle” LUNCH LADY QUOTES

“A component of a bigger design”

“A small part of a larger construct”

“A module of a comprehensive scheme”

“A fraction of a comprehensive framework”

“A portion of a larger body”

“A section of a complete picture”

“A segment of a broader whole”

“A constituent of a complete entity”

“A piece of a complete system”

“A building block of a larger structure”

“A unit of a larger composition”.