“I may not be able to protect you from everything, but I promise to always be by your side.”

“When it comes to you, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to keep you safe.”

“I’ll fight anyone who tries to hurt you, even if that means I have to fight the world.”

“I’m not possessive, I’m protective. There’s a difference, and it’s for your own good.”

“You’re my world, and I’ll go to the ends of the earth to protect you.”

“I’ll shield you from the negativity of the world, and create a blissful bubble of love around us.”

“I won’t let anyone hurt you, or make you feel less than what you are, because you’re everything to me.”

“I’m always watching out for you, like a guardian angel, even when you’re unaware of it.”

“I’ll keep you safe, and never let you face life’s blows alone.”

“My arms are always open for you, to shield you from the world, and wrap you in a warm embrace.”

“I’ll always be the knight in shining armor to your damsel in distress, ready to vanquish any foe that threatens your happiness.”

“I’ll be your rock in troubled times, and your protector when you need it most.”

“I’ll be the shield that guards you from harm, and the sword that strikes down any danger that comes your way.” QUOTES ON PRAGMATISM

“You’re my everything, and I won’t let anyone or anything take that away from me.”

“I’ll walk through fire and brimstone for you, my love, because you’re worth it.”

“I’ll be beside you through thick and thin, protecting you every step of the way.”

“You’re not just my lover, you’re my soulmate, and as such, I’ll protect you with all of my being.”

“I will always put your safety before my own, because that’s what true love is all about.”

“You’re my heart, and it’s my duty to keep you safe and sound at all times.”

“I’ll never stop watching over you, and being your guardian angel every day of our lives.”

“I’m not perfect, but I promise to always try my best to protect you from harm.”

“I’ll be your knight in shining armor, and always come to your rescue when you need it most.”

“I won’t let anyone or anything harm you, because I’m here to protect you, always.”

“With me by your side, you never have to worry about anything, because I’ve got you covered.”