“Mind your own business.”

“Stay out of other people’s affairs.”

“It’s not your place to meddle.”

“Stop being nosy.”

“Learn to respect people’s privacy.”

“Don’t ask questions that aren’t your business.”

“Mind your own beeswax.”

“Stop being a busybody.”

“Stay in your lane.” “Stop sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong.”

“Don’t get involved unless you’re invited.”

“Stop being intrusive.”

“Respect boundaries.” RACHEL SCOTT QUOTES

“It’s not your place to interfere.”

“Stay out of other people’s business unless it affects you.”

“Don’t be a snooper.”

“Your curiosity is not welcome here.”

“If it’s not your problem, don’t make it your problem.”

“Don’t pry into things that don’t concern you.”

“Don’t be a nosy parker.”

“Don’t be a buttinski.”

“Keep your nose to yourself.”

“Nobody asked you to investigate.”

“Don’t go sticking your nose in where it doesn’t belong.”