“The game is to be sold, not told.”

“Pimpin’ ain’t easy, but it’s necessary.”

“A pimp’s only friend is his money.”

“A pimp’s greatest weapon is his mind.”

“A good pimp is a diplomat.”

“A true pimp never panics.”

“The game is about control.”

“A pimp’s biggest weakness is love.”

“Never let a ho take advantage of you.” “The game is about finesse, not force.”

“A pimp’s greatest pleasure is his power.”

“A pimp’s biggest enemy is the law.”

“A good pimp is a master strategist.” MIGHTY QUOTES

“A pimp’s job is to make the ho feel special.”

“A pimp’s greatest asset is his confidence.”

“A pimp’s job is to teach the ho the game.”

“A good pimp is always three steps ahead.”

“A pimp’s greatest enemy is jealousy.”

“A pimp’s job is to balance love and money.”

“A pimp’s greatest ally is his reputation.”

“A true pimp never shows his weaknesses.”

“A good pimp is a reliable partner.”

“A pimp’s job is to control the ho’s mind.”

“A pimp’s greatest joy is counting his money.”