“Periods are like ex-boyfriends, they come around every month and remind you of all the pain they caused.” – Unknown

“Periods don’t make women weak, they make them warriors.” – Unknown

“Periods are a reminder that even the strongest of us have moments of weakness.” – Unknown

“Dealing with period pain is like running a marathon without shoes.” – Unknown

“Periods are like taxes, you can’t avoid them but they sure do hurt.” – Unknown

“Period pain is like a nightmare you can’t wake up from.” – Unknown

“Periods are the punctuation marks in women’s lives, reminding us to take a break and relax.” – Unknown

“Period pain is like a monster lurking in the darkness, waiting to attack.” – Unknown

“Periods are a monthly reminder that women are resilient creatures.” – Unknown “Dealing with period pain is like going to war with your own body.” – Unknown

“Periods are like earthquakes, they come without warning and can leave a huge mess.” – Unknown

“Periods are like the ocean, they ebb and flow and can be both calming and turbulent.” – Unknown

“Periods are like a rollercoaster ride, full of ups and downs and unexpected twists and turns.” – Unknown QUOTES AUNTY

“Periods are like a rite of passage, marking the transition from girlhood to womanhood.” – Unknown

“Periods are like clockwork, always arriving on time but never welcome.” – Unknown

“Periods are like a secret society, only women who have experienced them can truly understand.” – Unknown

“Periods are like a universal language, every woman can relate to the pain and inconvenience.” – Unknown

“Periods are like a tornado, they can uproot your life and leave you feeling powerless.” – Unknown

“Periods are like a fire, burning through our bodies and leaving us exhausted.” – Unknown

“Periods are like a puzzle, with every piece being a new challenge to overcome.” – Unknown

“Periods are like a mirror, reflecting the state of our physical and emotional health.” – Unknown

“Periods are like a storm, brewing inside us and unleashing its fury on the world.” – Unknown

“Periods are like a blessing and a curse, a sign of fertility but also a source of pain and discomfort.” – Unknown

“Periods are like an unwanted visitor, they show up unannounced and stay for longer than we’d like.” – Unknown