“Perception is reality, but not necessarily the truth.” – Unknown

“The beauty of perception is that it is unique to each individual.” – Unknown

“What we perceive is often what we believe, but what we believe isn’t always the truth.” – Unknown

“Perception is the lens through which we view the world, and we are in control of adjusting that lens.” – Unknown

“Our perception of reality is shaped by our experiences and beliefs.” – Unknown

“Perception is a powerful tool that can shape our thoughts, emotions, and actions.” – Unknown

“Perception is key to understanding, and understanding is key to empathy.” – Angela Ahrendts

“Perception is the process through which we make sense of the world around us.” – David Myers

“Perception is not only what we see, but also what we choose to see.” – Unknown “Perception can be deceptive, but it can also be illuminating.” – Unknown

“Perception is the way we interpret and give meaning to our experiences.” – Unknown

“Perception is like a map, it guides us through life, but it is not the territory.” – Alfred Korzybski

“Perception is the beginning of all knowledge, but not the end.” – Plato CHANGE QUOTES IN TAMIL

“Perception is a two-way street; we are not only perceived, but we also perceive others.” – Unknown

“Perception is the way we view the world, but it is not necessarily the way the world is.” – Unknown

“Perception is the filter through which we make sense of reality.” – Unknown

“Perception is the art of connecting the dots between what we see and what we know.” – Christopher Nolan

“Perception is both a blessing and a curse; it can open our eyes, but it can also blind us.” – Unknown

“Perception defines our reality, but it’s up to us to change our perception.” – Unknown

“Perception can be a tool for growth or a barrier to it; it’s all up to how we use it.” – Unknown

“Perception is not only about what we see, but also about what we don’t see.” – Unknown

“Perception is a choice, and it’s one that we make every day.” – Unknown

“Perception is the key to unlocking our potential and realizing our dreams.” – Unknown

“Perception is everything, but everything is not perception.” – Unknown