“Polly wants a cracker.”

“Who’s a pretty bird?”

“Good birdie!”

“Hello, pretty bird!”

“I’m a bird, not a toy.”

“Pretty bird, pretty bird!”

“What’s up, bird?”

“I’m not just a bird, I’m a personality.” “Pollo loco!”

“I’m a parrot, not a pigeon!”

“Want to hear a joke?”

“I can speak multiple languages.”

“I hear everything you say.” ISLAMIC QUOTES IN HINDI URDU

“Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side!”

“I can mimic any sound I hear.”

“Do you want a kiss?”

“I’m a bird of few words.”

“I’m not just a bird, I’m a family member.”

“Is it time for my treat?”

“I’m a parrot and I have a lot to say.”

“I’m pretty, I’m smart, and I know it.”

“I love to sing and dance!”

“I may be small, but I make a big impression.”