“I can replace things, but I could never replace my family.”

“I’m not a rich man. I’m a poor man with money.”

“I prefer to be in the grave in Colombia than in a jail cell in the United States.”

“I’m a businessman – not a criminal.”

“Sometimes I feel like God’s been unfair to me by making me too rich too soon.”

“I have money and power. If you don’t have money and power, you don’t have a damn thing.”

“I don’t believe in morality. I believe in money.”

“I’m not a thief, I’m a businessman. Blood never sleeps, and money talks.”

“I am not a violent person. I just defend myself and my interests.”

“I’ve made deals with many powerful people. I’ve never had to confront anybody but myself.”

“You either obey the rules, or you follow the rules I set.”

“I never had anything except my family, my work and my ambition. They were everything to me.”

“I have fought against the government, but I’ve never fought against Colombia.” SHORT MOTHERS DAY QUOTES IN MARATHI

“Money doesn’t buy you happiness, but it buys everything else.”

“There’s no business like illegal business.”

“I’m not a saint, but I’m not the devil either.”

“Life is full of surprises. You never know what you’re going to get.”

“I could be declared King of the World, but still not be happy.”

“I was born poor, but I knew I wouldn’t die poor. I was determined to make my own way in the world.”

“You do what you have to do, to survive.”

“I’m not in the killing business, I’m in the money-making business.”

“I’m not a warrior, I’m a businessman. I just make things happen.”

“I’ve been a criminal since I was 14 years old. I’ve never been caught or punished for anything.”

“I’ve lived a dangerous life, but it’s been an adventure worth living.”