“Nosey people don’t know how to mind their own business.”

“If you’re not invited, don’t go snooping around.”

“Your curiosity is not an excuse for intruding into someone else’s life.”

“Being nosey is just another way of saying you lack respect for others’ privacy.”

“Trying to know everything about everyone is a symptom of insecurity.”

“The more you poke your nose into other people’s affairs, the less time you have to work on yourself.”

“Mind your own business and you’ll have less drama in your life.”

“Gossip is just a form of entertainment for nosey people.”

“Don’t assume you have the right to know everything that’s going on in someone else’s life.” “Being nosey is not a desirable trait, it’s a flaw.”

“Respect boundaries, it’s not your right to know everything about someone.”

“The nosey people are the ones who always have problems with their own lives.”

“Mind your own business, it’s a good way to avoid unnecessary drama.” DAY 8 RAMADAN QUOTES

“There’s a fine line between curiosity and being invasive.”

“Trying to know everything about everyone is a waste of time and energy.”

“Nosy people always find trouble. It’s better to just focus on your own life.”

“The more you pry, the less trustworthy you become.”

“Respectfully ask for information, don’t invade someone’s privacy.”

“Nosiness is just another form of narcissism.”

“Mind your own business, it’s not your job to police everyone.”

“Intruding into someone’s life is disrespectful, no matter how curious you are.”

“A nosey person is someone who forgets that everyone has a right to their own privacy.”

“The more someone pries, the less likely they are to be trusted with information.”

“Curiosity is not an excuse for being nosey.”