“Sometimes, it feels like I’m in a relationship alone.”

“When you don’t give me attention, it feels like you don’t care about me.”

“Being ignored hurts more than being told the truth.”

“Why be in a relationship if you’re not going to invest time and effort into it?”

“It’s not about being needy, it’s about feeling wanted.”

“I’d rather be alone than feel alone in a relationship.”

“The saddest thing is feeling alone when you’re with someone.”

“I never thought I’d feel so alone while in a relationship.”

“It’s hard to keep a relationship going when you’re the only one trying.” “When there’s no effort from both sides, the relationship begins to wither away.”

“I’m tired of feeling like an afterthought.”

“If you have to beg for attention, it’s not worth it.”

“Actions speak louder than words, and your lack of attention speaks volumes.” LIFE IS FLEETING QUOTES

“I’m not asking for much, just a little bit of time and attention.”

“You can’t expect a relationship to thrive without putting in any effort.”

“It’s not clingy to want attention in a relationship, it’s natural.”

“When you ignore me, it feels like you’re pushing me away.”

“Being in a relationship means making time for each other.”

“If you don’t give me the time of day, why are we even together?”

“I’m starting to forget what it feels like to be wanted.”

“A relationship takes two people, not just one trying to make it work.”

“I feel like I’m competing with everything else in your life for attention.”

“A healthy relationship requires both partners to show interest in each other.”

“I shouldn’t have to beg for attention in a relationship.”