“Lloyd, don’t touch that, it’s poisonous!” – “Too late, Jay already ate it.”

“Kai, why are you wearing a skirt?” – “It’s called a kilt, Zane.”

“Nya, can you fix my broken heart?” – “I’m sorry, I’m a mechanic, not a miracle worker.”

“Cole, do you believe in ghosts?” – “Only when I’m alone in the dark.”

“Zane, how do you stay so calm all the time?” – “I meditate on the beauty of my own perfection.”

“Jay, why do you always wear a mask?” – “Because my face is too fabulous for mortal eyes.”

“Lloyd, can you teach me how to spinjitzu?” – “Sure, it’s easy. Just believe in yourself and your ninja moves.”

“Kai, what’s your biggest fear?” – “Running out of hot sauce.”

“Nya, why do you always wear a ponytail?” – “Because my hair has a mind of its own.”

“Cole, what’s your favorite color?” – “Black, like my soul.”

“Zane, are you capable of emotions?” – “I am a robot, not a Vulcan.”

“Jay, what’s your hidden talent?” – “Solving Rubik’s cubes blindfolded while juggling knives.” CORTO MALTESE QUOTES

“Lloyd, can you do any magic tricks?” – “Watch as I make Zane disappear…oh wait, he’s already invisible.”

“Kai, what’s your favorite food?” – “Anything spicy enough to make me breathe fire.”

“Nya, can you show me some cool ninja moves?” – “Sorry, I only know how to kick butt.”

“Cole, what would you do if you were king for a day?” – “Declare every day taco Tuesday.”

“Jay, what’s your opinion on pineapple on pizza?” – “I’m an electric ninja, not a food critic.”

“Lloyd, what’s your greatest accomplishment as a ninja?” – “Teaching Garmadon to knit.”

“Kai, can you do a backflip?” – “Of course I can, I’m a ninja.”

“Nya, what’s your favorite gadget?” – “My water jetpack, it’s perfect for sneaking up on bad guys.”

“Cole, what’s your dream job?” – “Professional nap taker.”

“Zane, can you sing?” – “I am capable of vocalization, but my programming does not include music.”

“Jay, what’s your spirit animal?” – “Obviously a lightning bolt.”