“You are the Obi-Wan for me.”

“I want to be your Borg Queen.”

“My love for you is like a phoenix, it keeps rising from the ashes.”

“You’re more beautiful than a cluster of Hubble galaxies.”

“I love you to the point where it’s statistically significant.”

“I love you more than Doctor Who loves his sonic screwdriver.”

“I need no evidence to prove the existence of your love.”

“I love you like a photon loves a black hole – intensely.”

“I’d travel through time and space for you.”

“Your love is stronger than the Force.”

“I love you more than Sheldon loves his spot on the couch.”

“You’re my missing link.”

“When we’re together, we’re an unstoppable scientific force.” BAD STEP PARENT QUOTES

“Our love is like a phaser set to stun – it knocks me off my feet.”

“I want to be the Leia to your Han, the Lois to your Clark, the Watson to your Holmes.”

“You’re the reason I believe in parallel universes.”

“I love your mind more than a Vulcans.”

“You’re the Hermione to my Ron.”

“You make my top 10 list for things I love, right after math and science.”

“When I’m with you, everything else in the universe just becomes background noise.”

“You make me feel like I’m living in a real-life fairy tale.”

“I think we were made for each other, like binary stars in the sky.”

“You’re the missing piece of my Lego set.”

“My love for you is infinite, like the number π.”