“My life is not your story to tell.”

“Just because you see me doesn’t mean you know me.”

“My life is not subject to your judgment.”

“My choices are mine to make, not yours.”

“Don’t worry about what’s going on in my life, worry about your own.”

“What I do behind closed doors is not your concern.”

“My personal life is not up for public consumption.”

“You may have an opinion, but it’s irrelevant to me.”

“My privacy deserves respect and boundaries.” “Stay out of my life and focus on your own.”

“Just because we’re friends doesn’t mean you get to know everything about me.”

“My life is not a spectacle for you to watch.”

“There’s a reason why it’s called ‘personal’ life.” QUOTES ABOUT PROSTITUTION

“My life is mine and only mine to live.”

“Don’t cross the line of invading my privacy.”

“My life is not a topic for gossip.”

“I don’t need your approval to live my life.”

“Your curiosity is not a valid reason for prying into my personal life.”

“What I share with others is my choice, not yours to make.”

“Mind your own business and let me live my life.”

“My life is none of your concern unless I choose to share it with you.”

“What happens in my personal life is not a matter for public debate.”

“Don’t mistake my perseverance for adversity because my life is none of your business.”

“My life is a private affair and it should remain that way.”