“Everything is better with grits.”

“Grits: it’s what’s for breakfast.”

“In the South, grits are a religion.”

“Grits: the ultimate comfort food.”

“Grits: a bowl of heaven.”

“A bowl of grits is like a warm hug from the inside.”

“Grits: always a good idea.”

“Grits: the perfect canvas for any flavor.”

“Once you go grits, you never go back.” “Grits are proof that the simple things in life are often the best.”

“Grits: the ultimate Southern staple.”

“If grits aren’t on the menu, I’m not interested.”

“Grits are the little black dress of breakfast foods – they go with anything and always look good.” FREE PANEL BEATING QUOTES CAPE TOWN

“Grits are the glue that holds a Southern breakfast together.”

“Grits: the ultimate breakfast of champions.”

“Life is too short to skip the grits.”

“Grits: the unsung hero of Southern cuisine.”

“Grits: the food that brings people together.”

“Grits are like a warm blanket on a cold morning.”

“A meal without grits is like a day without sunshine.”

“Grits are like a blank canvas for creative cooking.”

“Grits: the fuel that powers a Southern soul.”

“Grits: the dish that brings the South to your plate.”

“Grits: the epitome of Southern hospitality.”