“I find comfort in knowing that my angel is watching over me from above.”

“My angel in heaven, you may be gone but you will never be forgotten.”

“I believe that those we love never truly leave us, my angel in heaven lives on within my heart.”

“Though I cannot see you, I know that you are with me always, my beloved angel in heaven.”

“In the silence of the night, I hear your whispers, my angel in heaven.”

“My angel in heaven, I miss you more than words could ever express.”

“The stars shining bright above remind me of you, my angel in heaven.”

“Your wings may be gone but the love in my heart for you will never diminish, my angel in heaven.”

“You may be out of sight, but never out of mind my angel in heaven.” “It’s not goodbye forever, it’s simply goodbye for now, my dearest angel in heaven.”

“In every rainbow, in every sunbeam, I see the beauty of your soul, my angel in heaven.”

“My angel in heaven, I take comfort in knowing that you no longer suffer and are finally at peace.”

“When my heart feels heavy, I know that you are near me, my guardian angel in heaven.” PRINCIPAL QUOTES IN ENGLISH

“The greatest gift you gave me was love, my angel in heaven, and that is something no one can take away.”

“No matter how far apart we are, you will always be near me, my precious angel in heaven.”

“I carry your light with me always, my angel in heaven, and it gives me strength on the darkest days.”

“My angel in heaven, you taught me so much in life and your love will continue to guide me even now that you are gone.”

“The memories we shared will forever be cherished, my dear angel in heaven.”

“My angel in heaven, thank you for the love you brought into my life and the legacy you left behind.”

“Though we are separated by time and space, my love for you only grows stronger, my beloved angel in heaven.”

“My angel in heaven, I feel your presence with me and it brings me peace and hope.”

“I know that you are in a better place, my angel in heaven, but I still miss you deeply each and every day.”

“My angel in heaven, your life may have been short, but your impact on my life will last a lifetime.”

“My angel in heaven, you are forever in my thoughts and your memory will never fade away.”