“Father, mother, God and love. Mud and blood.” – Laura McAllan

“My skin color the only reason you have the right to dismiss me, degrade me, or change me.” – Florence Jackson

“Justice don’t mean nothing to a man with a gun.” – Henry McAllan

“It’s hard ever to find a quiet place to think.” – Jamie McAllan

“The more you get, the less you feel.” – Laura McAllan

“The land looked good to him…the way things looked from a distance always looked good.” – Jamie McAllan

“Me and Jordan was two of a kind – bound by the color of our skin and what others thought it meant.” – Ronsel Jackson

“You can’t tell by looking at me what I’ve been through.” – Florence Jackson

“Every inch of my body was vibrating with fear.” – Laura McAllan

“We are walking on a land of ghosts.” – Hap Jackson

“The world keeps trying to tell me who I am.” – Jamie McAllan

“We had to work twice as hard just to get half as much.” – Ronsel Jackson

“But what could I tell him? That I don’t know the difference between a cracker and a redneck?” – Florence Jackson JEET MOTIVATIONAL QUOTES IN HINDI

“Hadn’t nobody ever told me my dream was impossible.” – Hap Jackson

“Duty get so heavy sometimes it feel like you carrying somebody else entire life on your back.” – Ronsel Jackson

“In a land of plenty, there is little I can do but watch my children go hungry and hope for a better tomorrow.” – Florence Jackson

“I made a promise to protect her and now, with each passing day, our reality closes in on all sides, threatening to crush us both.” – Henry McAllan

“We ain’t no better than the Negroes we treat like dirt.” – Pappy McAllan

“My hands got hard and my head got hard and my heart got hard.” – Jamie McAllan

“I could be anyone I wanted to be here.” – Laura McAllan

“You can’t be happy all the time, can you?” – Laura McAllan

“In the end, all we can do is try to forgive each other.” – Ronsel Jackson

“We can’t help the color of our skin or the family we’re born into.” – Florence Jackson

“The world ain’t changed. We can try to make it better, but it’ll always be the same in some way or another.” – Hap Jackson