“My mind is a wasteland of empty thoughts.”

“I feel like my brain’s been wiped clean.”

“There’s nothing but white noise in my head.”

“I’m drawing a complete blank.”

“My mind is a blank canvas, waiting to be filled.”

“I’ve hit a mental block.”

“I’m as empty-headed as a rock.”

“My thoughts are a barren desert.”

“There’s a void where my thoughts should be.” “My mind is a blank slate.”

“I’ve lost all train of thought.”

“My mind is a vacuum, sucking up nothing.”

“I’m staring into the abyss of my own mind.” VISHNU BHAGWAN QUOTES IN HINDI

“I’m stuck in a state of mental paralysis.”

“My brain feels like it’s on standby mode.”

“I’m operating on autopilot, with no thoughts of my own.”

“I’m running on fumes, mentally speaking.”

“My mind is a blank page, waiting to be filled with inspiration.”

“I’m stuck in a state of mental limbo.”

“My thoughts are trapped in a foggy haze.”

“I’m lost in the void of my own mind.”

“I’m struggling to find my mental footing.”

“I’m in a state of mental blackout.”

“I feel like my brain’s been unplugged.”