“O my mind, do not be proud of your possessions, for they are meaningless.”

“In the company of saints, my heart blossoms with divine love.”

“I have found true wealth in the love of Lord Krishna.”

“The union with my beloved is the ultimate goal of my life.”

“Do not fear death, for it is the gateway to eternal union with God.”

“Dedicate yourself to the path of devotion, and you will find true happiness.”

“Lord Krishna’s love is my shelter in this world.”

“Let go of all desires and surrender yourself completely to the divine.”

“The love between me and my beloved is beyond all worldly attachments.” “I have renounced everything for the sake of my devotion to Krishna.”

“The world is but an illusion; only God’s love is real.”

“The sweetness of Lord Krishna’s name fills my heart with joy.”

“I am a humble servant of my beloved Lord Krishna.” POSITIVE QUOTES SVG

“In the depths of devotion, I have found infinite peace.”

“I am intoxicated with the divine love of my beloved Krishna.”

“Lord Krishna’s grace is showered upon those who surrender themselves completely.”

“The path of devotion is the only way to attain liberation.”

“In the depths of my heart, I sing praises for my beloved Lord Krishna.”

“I have found solace in the love of my beloved Krishna.”

“In the presence of my beloved Lord, I am lost in ecstasy.”

“My heart dances with joy at the thought of Lord Krishna.”

“The pain of separation from my beloved Lord is unbearable.”

“The love between me and my beloved Lord transcends all boundaries.”

“Through devotion, I have become one with my beloved Lord Krishna.”