“Medicare is essential for ensuring health care access for millions of Americans.” – Nancy Pelosi

“Medicare is a promise that must be kept.” – Bill Nelson

“Medicare is one of the great achievements of the 20th century.” – Bernie Sanders

“Medicare is a pillar of health care in America.” – Barack Obama

“Medicare is a symbol of our commitment to seniors.” – Steny Hoyer

“Medicare serves as a lifeline for many seniors.” – Max Baucus

“Medicare provides peace of mind for millions of Americans.” – Tom Daschle

“Medicare is a bedrock of American society.” – Bob Casey Jr.

“Medicare is a promise we made to our seniors, and we must honor that promise.” – Ron Wyden “Medicare is a critical safety net for seniors and individuals with disabilities.” – Debbie Stabenow

“Medicare is a critical avenue for access to health care for millions of people.” – Patty Murray

“Medicare is a lifeline for millions of Americans, and we cannot allow it to be dismantled.” – Xavier Becerra

“Medicare is a fundamental right for all Americans.” – Sherrod Brown GELOOF IN JEZELF QUOTE

“Medicare is a vital program that must be protected and strengthened.” – Chris Murphy

“Medicare is an essential program for the well-being of our seniors.” – Tammy Baldwin

“Medicare is a testament to America’s commitment to caring for our elderly.” – Dick Durbin

“Medicare is a cherished program that must be preserved for future generations.” – Mark Warner

“Medicare helps millions of Americans access affordable, quality health care.” – Elizabeth Warren

“Medicare is a program that allows our seniors to age with dignity.” – Debbie Dingell

“Medicare is a critical part of our social contract with seniors.” – Joe Kennedy III

“Medicare is a fundamental right that should be available to all Americans.” – Ben Cardin

“Medicare is one of the great achievements of American democracy.” – Eleanor Holmes Norton

“Medicare provides a crucial safety net for seniors and individuals with disabilities.” – Jim Cooper

“Medicare is an essential foundation of America’s health care system.” – Diana DeGette