“A strong foundation is necessary for a stable structure to stand tall.”

“A humble person will always rise above those who boast and brag.”

“It is better to be grounded and secure in oneself than to be high and mighty.”

“True strength lies in humility, not in arrogance.”

“Pride before a fall is a common tale, but humility leads to success.”

“A deep foundation of character will always support you in times of challenge.”

“Do not let success go to your head, stay humble and remember your roots.”

“The higher you climb, the more important it is to remember where you came from.”

“True greatness is not measured by how high you stand, but by how low you are willing to bend.”

“Humble yourself and you will find true strength within.”

“The tallest trees sway in the wind, but the deepest roots keep them grounded.”

“It is better to be a well-rooted tree than a shallow pond that dries up in the sun.”

“Strength without humility is like a house built on sand, it will crumble under pressure.” MATTHEW KELLY QUOTES

“A person who is grounded in humility will always be respected by others.”

“The foundation of humility is the key to unlocking true success.”

“Stay humble and the world will open up to you in ways you never imagined.”

“A person who is truly secure in themselves does not need to boast or brag.”

“Humility is the mark of a truly great person.”

“The higher you climb, the more important it is to stay rooted in humility.”

“A humble person will always be lifted up by others.”

“The strongest buildings have the deepest foundations.”

“Do not let success cloud your vision, stay humble and keep your feet on the ground.”

“The tallest trees have the deepest roots.”

“True strength comes from within, not from how high you stand in the eyes of others.”