“M’aiq knows many things, no? Some things he knows, some things he guesses. Some things he makes up.”

“M’aiq is tired now. Go bother somebody else.”

“M’aiq has traveled far and seen much, but mostly he avoids the Nords like the plague. Too much shouting.”

“The trouble with the world is not that people know too little; it’s that they know so many things that just aren’t so.”

“M’aiq knows much, and tells some. What he tells is true. What he doesn’t is also true.”

“M’aiq is always in motion. Even when standing still. M’aiq never rests.”

“M’aiq hears many stories in his travels. Some are true, some are not. But all are interesting.”

“M’aiq is not impressed by magic or weapons or armor. M’aiq is only impressed by things that are impressive.”

“M’aiq prefers to be underestimated. It makes it easier to surprise his enemies.”

“M’aiq knows much, but hides it well. He keeps his knowledge to himself, for the most part.”

“M’aiq has been asked where he comes from. He says, ‘By the sea, where the winds are salty and the rocks are sharp.'”

“M’aiq has heard of a land called Vvardenfell. He doesn’t recommend it.”

“M’aiq does not believe in fate, but he believes in luck. And he believes that he is lucky.” BOY MOTIVATIONAL QUOTES

“M’aiq is not a taxi service. M’aiq pays for his own travels.”

“M’aiq is not interested in who sits on the throne, but he enjoys seeing how they got there.”

“M’aiq has seen many strange things in his travels, but none so strange as the behavior of men.”

“M’aiq is not afraid of death, but he’s not fond of pain either.”

“M’aiq does not understand these so-called ‘dragons.’ They’re just big lizards with wings.”

“M’aiq is not surprised that people have problems with the Thalmor. They have problems with everyone.”

“M’aiq is not a fan of politics. He prefers to spend his time in more interesting pursuits, like chasing butterflies.”

“M’aiq has been to Oblivion and back, and he’s not impressed. He prefers the mortal world.”

“M’aiq is always the last one standing. Or sometimes the first one running.”

“M’aiq knows why the moons disappear during the day. But he’s not telling.”

“M’aiq has no time for fools. Or for people who ask too many questions.”