“Lust is a fire that consumes a man, leaving nothing but ashes.”

“Lust is an insatiable beast that can never be tamed.”

“Lust is a drug that gives momentary pleasure but leaves a lasting void.”

“Lust is a dangerous game that can lead to destruction.”

“Lust is like a tornado, it destroys everything in its path.”

“Lust is like a raging river, impossible to resist.”

“Lust is a trap that ensnares the unwary.”

“Lust is the thief of reason.”

“Lust is a poison that can destroy a person from the inside out.”

“Lust is a master that demands obedience.”

“Lust is a battle that must be fought every day.”

“Lust is a disease that can infect the soul.”

“Lust is a curse that can haunt a person forever.” VEER SAVARKAR QUOTES IN HINDI

“Lust is a beast that must be tamed, lest it consume us.”

“Lust is a flame that burns bright but fades quickly.”

“Lust is a thief that steals our virtue.”

“Lust is a temptation that can lead to sin.”

“Lust is an illusion that promises pleasure but delivers pain.”

“Lust is a prison that holds us captive.”

“Lust is a hunger that can never be satisfied.”

“Lust is a demon that can possess us.”

“Lust is a test of faith and morality.”

“Lust is the enemy of love.”

“Lust is a road that leads to nowhere.”