“Lullaby and goodnight, may your dreams be sweet and bright.”

“Sleep, my little one, sleep. The stars are watching over you, the moon is shining bright.”

“Close your eyes and drift away, to a land of dreams and endless play.”

“Hush now, my baby, don’t you cry. Mommy’s here to sing you a lullaby.”

“Rock-a-bye baby, in the treetop. When the wind blows, the cradle will rock.”

“Sleep, little prince/princess, sleep. Tomorrow is a new day to play and explore.”

“In the stillness of night, you are safe and sound in your cozy bed.”

“Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite.”

“Sweet dreams, my love. May the angels watch over you from above.” “Now is the time for rest, my child. Let go of worries, let go of wild.”

“Dreams are the world where anything can be, so close your eyes and come away with me.”

“In the arms of sleep, you find peace and love infinitely deep.”

“Sleep, my little one, and let the stars shine bright. For tomorrow morning, they’ll fade away into the light.” QUOTES ABOUT CYBERBULLYING

“Under the moon, you are safe and free. Close your eyes and dream sweetly.”

“Sleep sweetly, my little teddy bear. Tomorrow we’ll have a new adventure to share.”

“Snuggle up, my little one, let the magic of sleep come undone.”

“Hush, my baby, don’t you cry. Angels are watching from the sky.”

“Listen carefully to the rustling leaves, whispering secrets and dreams, like a lullaby that nature weaves.”

“As the night falls, so does your mind. Let go of worries, they’re not kind.”

“May you dream of laughter, love, and light, and wake up with a heart that’s bright.”

“Cuddle close and close your eyes, let sleepy thoughts come and arise.”

“The night is dark, but all is right, with a lullaby we’ll say goodnight.”

“Sleep soundly, my little dear. Your dreams will be a magical frontier.”

“May the moon and stars keep you close, until tomorrow when you see the most.”