“Long hair is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle.” – Unknown

“My hair is my shield, my armor, my strength.” – Unknown

“Long hair is a symbol of femininity, power, and grace.” – Unknown

“Long hair, don’t care.” – Unknown

“Long hair adds beauty to a woman’s face, and forces men to take a second look.” – Unknown

“Hair is the crown you never take off.” – Unknown

“Long hair, short temper.” – Unknown

“My hair is my canvas and my hairstyle is my art.” – Unknown

“Long hair is a form of self-expression.” – Unknown “Long hair is an extension of our personality and what we choose to show to the world.” – Unknown

“With great hair comes great responsibility.” – Unknown

“Long hair is a natural accessory that completes every outfit.” – Unknown

“A woman’s hair is her glory.” – Unknown QUOTES ON MOM IN MARATHI

“Long hair is not a limitation, it’s a possibility.” – Unknown

“Long hair is like a security blanket, it makes us feel safe and confident.” – Unknown

“Long hair is a permanent accessory that you can never change, but always style.” – Unknown

“Long hair requires patience, dedication, and love.” – Unknown

“Your hair is your personal signature, embrace it.” – Unknown

“Long hair is a reminder that beauty takes time.” – Unknown

“Live free, wear your hair long.” – Unknown

“Long hair is an investment in yourself, it’s worth the time and effort.” – Unknown

“Long hair is a natural accessory that never goes out of style.” – Unknown

“A great hairstyle can change your whole day, long hair can change your life.” – Unknown

“Long hair is not just a style, it’s a part of who we are.” – Unknown