“The way to lift others up is to be the light that shines the way.” – Unknown

“The true measure of success is how well we lift others up.” – Unknown

“In a world that can be cruel, be the one who lifts others up.” – Unknown

“The greatest good we can do for others is to lift them up.” – Booker T. Washington

“Lift others up, and they’ll lift you up too.” – Unknown

“Lifting others up doesn’t just make them feel good, it makes you feel good too.” – Unknown

“One kind word can lift someone up from a dark place.” – Unknown

“Kindness is the ultimate way to lift others up.” – Unknown

“When you lift others up, you also lift yourself up.” – Unknown “Lifting others up doesn’t require great effort, just a kind heart.” – Unknown

“Every small act of kindness can lift someone up when they need it most.” – Unknown

“Lift others up with your words and actions, and watch how it can change the world.” – Unknown

“There’s no limit to the amount of good we can do when we lift others up.” – Unknown CHOOSE YOU QUOTES

“Lifting others up is the best way to bring meaning to your life.” – Unknown

“If you want to be happy, focus on lifting others up.” – Unknown

“A single act of kindness has the power to lift someone up for a lifetime.” – Unknown

“When we lift others up, we bring light to the darkness.” – Unknown

“If you ever feel like you’re not making a difference, just remember that every act of kindness lifts someone up.” – Unknown

“Lift others up because you never know what battles they’re fighting.” – Unknown

“The most important thing you can do in life is lift others up.” – Unknown

“In a world that can be harsh, lifting others up is the most radical thing you can do.” – Unknown

“Lifting others up doesn’t require a lot of time or money, just a little bit of love and compassion.” – Unknown

“The best way to heal the world is to lift others up.” – Unknown

“Lifting others up is not just an act of kindness, it’s an act of courage.” – Unknown