“Hunger makes a thief of any man.” – Pearl S. Buck

“Hunger is the best sauce in the world.” – Miguel de Cervantes

“When hunger gnaws at the belly, it leaves no room for anything else.” – Lois Lowry

“Hunger is the most important seasoning.” – Spanish proverb

“There are moments when all anxiety and stated toil are becalmed in the infinite leisure and repose of nature.” – Henry David Thoreau

“The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.” – Mother Teresa

“Hunger is the language of the body.” – Unknown

“The hunger of the soul is every bit as real as the hunger of the body.” – Unknown

“The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.” – Mother Teresa

“Hunger, like a savage beast caged up, breaks loose and destroys all that comes before it.” – Pearl S. Buck

“Hunger is a powerful and irreplaceable drive that we all need to heed.” – Unknown

“Hunger, like fire, is both necessary and dangerous.” – Unknown

“Hunger is a potent emotional state that must be dealt with before it spirals out of control.” – Unknown QUOTES UNLOVED

“The hunger for attention is the most difficult to satisfy, and the most dangerous to ignore.” – Unknown

“Hunger and thirst are the two driving forces of life.” – Unknown

“Hunger is the most basic instinct of all living creatures, and it must be respected and fulfilled.” – Unknown

“Hunger is a silent storm that rages within each of us.” – Unknown

“The hunger for knowledge is the most important hunger of all.” – Unknown

“The hunger for power and control is the most insidious and dangerous of all human desires.” – Unknown

“The hunger for success and recognition is the ultimate driving force behind human achievement.” – Unknown

2 “Hunger is the feeling of emptiness that can never be filled.” – Unknown

2 “The hunger for justice and equality is the moral compass that guides us all.” – Unknown

2 “Hunger is the silent dictator that drives us all to madness.” – Unknown

2 “The hunger for truth and understanding is the ultimate quest of the human spirit.” – Unknown