“Ramadan is not just about fasting from food and drink, it’s about purifying our hearts, minds, and souls.”

“May Allah accept our good deeds and forgive our sins. Ameen.”

“Ramadan is a month of blessings, forgiveness, and mercy. Let’s make the most of it.”

“As we bid farewell to Ramadan, let’s not forget to carry its lessons and virtues throughout the year.”

“The best investment you can make this Ramadan is in your akhirah (hereafter).”

“Ramadan is the perfect time to reconnect with Allah and seek His guidance and blessings in our lives.”

“May Allah grant us the strength and steadfastness to continue our good deeds beyond Ramadan. Ameen.”

“Ramadan is a reminder that our time in this world is limited, and we should make the most of it, seeking Allah’s pleasure.”

“As Ramadan comes to a close, let’s reflect on our progress and strive to keep improving as believers.” “The beauty of Ramadan is not just in the fast, but also in the sense of community and brotherhood that it fosters.”

“Ramadan teaches us to be patient, grateful, and compassionate towards others. Let’s apply these lessons in our daily lives.”

“The ultimate goal of Ramadan is to develop taqwa (God consciousness) and become better servants of Allah.”

“In Ramadan, we abstain from food and drink to nourish our souls with Allah’s remembrance and obedience.” QUOTE HART ONDER DE RIEM

“May Allah shower His blessings and mercy upon us all throughout Ramadan and beyond. Ameen.”

“Ramadan is a time to purify our intentions, actions, and thoughts, and seek Allah’s forgiveness and guidance.”

“As the last days of Ramadan approach, let’s increase our sincerity, devotion, and good deeds.”

“Ramadan is not just a ritual, it’s a spiritual journey of self-discovery, growth, and transformation.”

“May Allah grant us the privilege of witnessing many more Ramadans in our lifetime. Ameen.”

“As we prepare to bid farewell to Ramadan, let’s make dua for the oppressed, the needy, and the suffering around the world.”

“Ramadan is a month of blessings, but also a test of our patience, resilience, and self-control.”

“May our fasts, prayers, and good deeds be accepted by Allah, and may He forgive our shortcomings and faults. Ameen.”

“As Ramadan draws to a close, let’s not forget to express gratitude to Allah for His countless blessings and favors.”

“Ramadan is a window of opportunity to seek Allah’s forgiveness and mercy, and start afresh with a clean slate.”

“May Allah grant us the wisdom, guidance, and strength to continue our journey towards Him, beyond Ramadan. Ameen.”