“Life is short, but your lashes shouldn’t be.”

“Wake up and lash out!”

“Long lashes, big dreams.”

“Lash extensions: because mascara is for amateurs.”

“Flutter those lashes and conquer the world.”

“Invest in your lashes, they’re the only real estate you own.”

“Lashes speak louder than words.”

“Lashes on fleek, confidence on point.”

“May your lashes be long and your coffee be strong.” “Lash extensions: the ultimate confidence booster.”

“Lashes are the one thing you can get into shape without exercising.”

“Natural lashes are great but let’s be real, longer lashes are better.”

“Bold lashes for bold women.” BULLEH SHAH QUOTES

“Life is short, but lashes are forever.”

“Lashes aren’t everything, but they sure do help.”

“Lash extensions are a girl’s best friend.”

“I may be tired, but at least my lashes are always awake.”

“Lashes for days, drama for nights.”

“Long lashes, short commute – let’s get this bread.”

“A little lash goes a long way.”

“Lash game strong, confidence game stronger.”

“Lash extensions: the shortcut to looking fabulous.”

“Lashes are to the eyes what wings are to the bird.”

“Strong women have strong lashes.”