“Karma has no menu, you get served what you deserve.”

“Cheating is not a mistake, it’s a choice. And karma always has a way of taking care of choices.”

“The cheating ends when the karma begins.”

“Your actions define your karma. Cheating will only bring negative consequences.”

“Karma has a way of making cheaters pay the price for their actions.”

“Cheating creates a ripple effect of karma. Sooner or later, it catches up with you.”

“The universe has a way of bringing justice to those who cheat. It’s called karma.”

“Whatever you do in life, remember that karma is always watching. Cheating is no exception.”

“Cheating is like a boomerang. What goes around, comes around.”

“Karma always finds a way to balance the scales of justice, especially when it comes to cheating.”

“Cheating is never worth it. Karma has a way of making you pay tenfold.”

“Cheating is a choice, and karma is the consequence. Choose wisely.”

“The price of cheating is much higher than the temporary thrill. Karma always collects its dues.” BEGIN AT THE BEGINNING QUOTE

“Cheating is like trying to deceive karma. It never ends well.”

“Cheating is a shortcut to temporary pleasure. Karma is a long road to permanent consequences.”

“Karma has a way of revealing the truth about cheating, even when you think you’ve gotten away with it.”

“Cheating may give you a moment of satisfaction, but karma will give you a lifetime of regret.”

“If you cheat, be prepared to face the music of karma. It’s never pleasant.”

“Cheating creates negative energy that only attracts negative karma.”

“Cheating is the ultimate betrayal of trust, and karma has a way of punishing those who betray trust.”

“If you want good karma in life, always choose honesty over cheating.”

“Cheating may give you temporary relief, but karma will give you permanent lessons to learn.”

“Karma doesn’t discriminate between the cheater and the cheated. It punishes both in different ways.”

“Cheating is a game that karma always wins.”