“Karma has a way of catching up to narcissists.”

“Narcissists may think they are above the law, but they are not above karma.”

“The universe has a way of balancing itself out, and karma always catches up with the narcissist.”

“Narcissists always get what’s coming to them, thanks to the power of karma.”

“Karma is the narcissist’s worst enemy.”

“Narcissists may think they are invincible, but karma has a way of humbling them.”

“The more narcissistic someone is, the harder the fall will be when karma comes around.”

“Karma doesn’t discriminate against narcissists.”

“Narcissists always reap what they sow, and karma ensures that they do.”

“A narcissist’s arrogance can only go so far before karma sets in.”

“Karma is not vengeful, but it does have a way of returning to narcissists what they put out into the world.”

“The narcissist’s sense of entitlement will crumble when karma comes knocking.”

“Karma always has the last word with narcissists.” ENVIRONMENT DAY QUOTES IN KANNADA

“For a narcissist, the consequences of their actions are always dictated by karma.”

“What goes around comes around, especially for narcissists and their karma.”

“Karma is the narcissist’s greatest fear, as it exposes their true self.”

“Narcissists may think they are getting away with their behavior, but karma is always watching.”

“A narcissist’s downfall is inevitable, thanks to the power of karma.”

“Karma is the ultimate judge of a narcissist’s actions.”

“Narcissists are never exempt from the laws of karma.”

“A narcissist’s disregard for others will always come back to haunt them, courtesy of karma.”

“Narcissists may think they are above the consequences of their actions, but karma proves them wrong every time.”

“Karma is the universe’s way of dealing with narcissists.”

“Karma always finds a way to even the score with narcissists, no matter how long it takes.”