“Distance means so little when someone means so much.”

“Friends who meet online are just strangers waiting to become besties.”

“Friendship knows no distance.”

“An internet BFF is like a pen pal on steroids.”

“Friends who connect through a screen can be just as real as those who connect in person.”

“The internet may have brought us together, but our friendship is what keeps us connected.”

“An internet BFF is someone who knows everything about you but has never seen you in real life.”

“We may be miles apart, but our friendship is solid.”

“Internet friends are like puzzle pieces who fit perfectly together.” “Distance may separate us, but our friendship knows no boundaries.”

“True friends are never apart. Maybe in distance, but never in heart.”

“An internet BFF is someone who can turn a bad day into a good one with just a few words.”

“Just because we don’t see each other in person doesn’t mean we’re not great friends.” FEELING UNWANTED QUOTES

“The internet gave me the gift of you, my amazing BFF.”

“Internet friends are like family you choose for yourself.”

“I never knew I needed an internet BFF until I found you.”

“Distance is simply a test to see how far our friendship can travel.”

“An internet BFF can be the perfect support system when life gets tough.”

“Friends who meet online have a unique understanding and appreciation for one another.”

“Internet BFFs are proof that friendships can be formed anywhere, at any time.”

“I never thought I could be so close to someone I’ve never met, until I met you.”

“An internet BFF is someone who isn’t physically present, but is always there for you emotionally.”

“Our friendship is like a WiFi signal – strong, consistent, and always present.”

“You don’t need to be in the same room to have a conversation that lifts your spirits.”