“Expectation is the root of all heartache.” – William Shakespeare

“The greatest source of frustration is having unmet expectations.” – Unknown

“Don’t let expectations hinder your joy.” – Unknown

“Expectations are premeditated resentments” – Anonymous

“Lower your expectations and you’ll never be disappointed.” – Anonymous

“Expectations are just disappointments waiting to happen.” – Anonymous

“Expectations can ruin even the best of things.” – Anonymous

“Expectations are the enemy of happiness.” – Anonymous

“Expectation is the mother of all frustration.” – Anonymous “Expectations are a form of self-torture.” – Anonymous

“Expecting perfection will only lead to disappointment.” – Anonymous

“Expectations are just hopes turned into obligations.” – Anonymous

“Expect nothing and you will never be disappointed.” – Anonymous CLEAN INDIA QUOTES

“Expectations are the seeds of disappointment.” – Anonymous

“Expectations lead to disappointment; appreciation leads to contentment.” – Anonymous

“Expectations bring disappointment, appreciation brings gratitude.” – Anonymous

“Expectations are like fine pottery. The harder you hold them, the more likely they are to crack.” – Brandon Sanderson

“Don’t let your expectations become your limitations.” – Unknown

“Expectations will always lead to frustration, but gratitude leads to joy.” – Anonymous

“Expectations are the thief of joy” – Theodore Roosevelt

“When your expectations are reduced to zero, every life is an adventure.” – Unknown

“Expectations are preconceived resentment waiting to happen.” – Unknown

“Expectations are like poisons that slowly kill your happiness.” – Unknown

“Expectations are a prison we build for ourselves.” – Unknown