“Silence speaks volumes where words fail.”

“In the end, you only regret the chances you didn’t take.”

“Hustle harder, grind smarter.”

“Stay focused, stay committed, and stay true to yourself.”

“Success is not given, it’s earned.”

“When life knocks you down, get back up and keep pushing.”

“Don’t let your struggles define you, let them strengthen you.”

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

“You can’t spell beautiful without BE U.” “Your only limit is the amount of effort you’re willing to give.”

“Ride or die, it’s the only way to survive.”

“Life is tough, but so are you.”

“Don’t wait for opportunity, create it.” MOM DAD QUOTES IN KANNADA

“The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us, but those who win battles we know nothing about.”

“Don’t let anyone dull your shine.”

“Success is not a destination, it’s a journey.”

“Life is too short to waste time on things that don’t matter.”

“The struggle is real, but so is the reward.”

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

“Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.”

“Don’t stop until you’re proud.”

“Haters gonna hate, but winners gonna win.”

“Your past doesn’t define you, your actions do.”