“Recognize all human races as one”

“Let us make religion victorious, not by quarreling with anyone, but by our own faith and self-control”

“Those who recognize the Lord’s command, shall be honored and respected throughout the world”

“Whatever exists is His, and nothing exists without Him”

“The purpose of life is to merge in the Lord and attain liberation from the cycle of birth and death”

“A person who understands love, recognises God”

“He alone is a true warrior, who fights for the defenseless”

“Grant me this boon, O kind Lord, let me never refrain from righteous deeds”

“He who harms no living beings is the true king” “Let the love of the Lord be your support in every way”

“I am a sacrifice to Your Name, O Lord of the universe”

“Without Him, there is no one else; all realms are empty”

“The path of the Saints is arduous; it cannot be practiced by someone who lacks true devotion” QUOTES ABOUT BEING THERE FOR SOMEONE

“Behold the Creator Lord, the Giver of all”

“He embraces all, and none are rejected”

“True are the teachings of the Saints, and true is the essence of the Lord’s Name”

“The Lord Himself is the support of all; He alone knows His ways”

“The Lord’s Name alone is the true wealth”

“Harmony prevails when all love the Lord”

“True balance comes from living in harmony with the Lord’s will”

“The universe is sustained by the Creator Lord; there is nothing beyond Him”

“The Lord’s Name is the only medicine to heal the ailing mind”

“One who has faith in the Lord, will never be disappointed”

“The Lord is the Supreme Being; there is no other power than Him.”