“देह शिवबर मोह इहि शरीरा। दोउ रसतल के सँग समीरा॥” “This body is as strong as a stone, but the breath within it is as gentle as a breeze.”

“वाहे गुरु जी का खालसा, वाहे गुरु जी की फ़तेह।” “Victory to the Khalsa, victory to the Guru.”

“देह सो जीवनी देवे।” “The body is given for the service of others.”

“मनुष जन्म दुर्लभ है, तो फिर तो धर्म हों सब को जाने।” “Human birth is rare, so let everyone know their religion.”

“साबत सूरत सिख खालसा, दुबिधा दोऊ तेज जा सांसा॥” “The Khalsa should remain pure and steadfast, without any doubts in their hearts.”

“जानु न आवै निसानी, चढ़े सो लंगर सिख खानी।” “No one should be turned away from the Guru’s langar, regardless of their identity.”

“धरती ते हरीमंदर सोहावे, जां बैठे बैठे गुरु नाम जपावे॥” “The Guru’s name is chanted from the earth to the heavens.”

“धरती पे हम अवतारे, फिर भी मरते मनुष भाखें नारे।” “We claim to be incarnations on the earth, but we still die like ordinary mortals.”

“गुरु गोबिंद दोउ खड़े, काके लागूं पाँव।” “Both the Guru and Gobind are standing, but which one should I bow down to?”

“जब आव के नन्हे भईयो, सभ रैन खड़े करायो।” “When the young ones came, He made everyone rise in the middle of the night.”

“हम ही होते हैं सबसे अलग, लेकिन परमात्मा समझ लेता है हमें सबमें एक।” “We may be different from each other, but the Supreme Being sees us all as one.”

“जो तुम करोगे आज, मैंने कभी नहीं किया। जो मैंने किया है, वह कल तुम कर दोगे।” “What you do today, I never did. But what I did, you will do tomorrow.”

“अब हम सिख इटार-बटार को नहीं मानते। हमारा सिख ओंठ-पैर और सर केवल एक से बनता है।” “We Sikhs no longer recognize caste and class. Our Sikh is made up of only one mouth, two feet, and a head.” NEW JACK CITY QUOTES

“मां ते हम तूँ मेरे, पिता ते हम तूँ मेरे।” “You are my mother and my father, Supreme Being.”

“जाको राखे साईंया, मार सके न कोय।” “One who is protected by the Lord cannot be killed by anyone.”

“ख़ालसा जी में हूँ, तारी नाउ हदउद!” “I am in the Khalsa, the Khalsa is in me. This is my constant thought.”

“सब सिखन को हुकम है, गुरु मानियो ग्रंथ।” “All Sikhs are commanded to accept the Guru Granth Sahib as their Guru.”

“जीवन जीवनी सभ गुरू की, जो पावे सो पारब्रह्म की।” “The life story is all of the Guru’s, but those who find it will attain the Supreme Being.”

“त्यागु नहीं तो तगड़ा समझ, लोभी नहीं तो हरि रस समाद।” “If you don’t give up, you will be considered strong. If you’re not greedy, you will be immersed in the Lord’s essence.”

“जो हम को परम्परा सिखाए, सो दहेज़ का आभास नही दल जाए।” “One who teaches us tradition does not cast the shadow of dowry.”

“जब लग खेले में सारे, फिर लट्ठे हीं तब पाएँगे बचाए॥” “When all are playing, then the only way to save yourself is with your own stick.”

“खुसरो दूरी सरब खल से जो है बड़ा, काबा कुबूल करे, दोष न दीजिए साहिब।” “Khusro, he who is afar is superior to all, even if he accepts the Kaaba or the Quran, do not give him any blame, my Lord.”

“मिट्टी मैं सोइ खुले हरिद्वार, तब से इतनी उमर का मैं पानी।” “I am just mud that has come from the holy city of Haridwar, since then I have been water for so long.”

“हदय राख हरि कोइ, अवतार न कोइ।” “Keep the Lord in your heart, not the incarnation.”