“The union of husband and wife is like the merging of two rivers into one ocean.”

“Marriage is a sacred bond that unites two souls, two families, and two communities.”

“The true union of the bride and groom is in the union with the Lord in their hearts.”

“Marriage is the foundation of the family and the family is the foundation of society.”

“In the eyes of the Lord, the union of husband and wife is one of the holiest of all relationships.”

“Marriage is a journey of two souls that begins with an oath and ends in love.”

“The Lord has blessed us with the gift of marriage, a bond not just of two bodies, but of two minds and two spirits.”

“A successful and happy marriage requires a strong foundation of faith and trust in the Lord.”

“Marriage is a partnership of equals that requires mutual respect, love, and understanding.” “The union of husband and wife is a divine relationship that mirrors the relationship between the Lord and His devotees.”

“Marriage is a journey that requires patience, forgiveness, and unconditional love for each other.”

“The key to a happy and successful marriage is to put the needs of your spouse before your own.”

“Marriage is not just about finding the right person, but also about being the right person for your spouse.” BCBA QUOTES

“Marriage is a lifelong commitment that requires constant effort, communication, and compromise.”

“A successful marriage is not just about being together, but also about growing together through the challenges of life.”

“In marriage, the love you give is equal to the love you receive.”

“The bond of marriage is strengthened by the bond of friendship between the husband and wife.”

“Marriage is a union of two hearts that beats as one.”

“The marriage ceremony is not just a celebration of two individuals, but also a celebration of two families coming together as one.”

“The true beauty of marriage lies not in the ceremony, but in the life-long journey of love and companionship.”

“Marriage is a reflection of God’s love for humanity, a love that is unconditional and eternal.”

“In a successful marriage, the husband and wife are equal partners who support each other through every challenge and victory.”

“Marriage is about the little things, the everyday expressions of love that make the bond stronger with each passing day.”

“A successful marriage is one in which both partners strive to create a loving and harmonious home, where the Lord reigns supreme.”