“Sunday is a day of rest, but let’s be real – it’s really just a day of procrastination.”

“Sunday – a day of rustling leaves, chilled coffee, and messy hair.”

“Sunday is a chance to be lazy, watch movies, and pretend like Monday isn’t just around the corner.”

“Sunday: the day I remind myself that I have procrastinated all week.”

“Sunday Funday? More like Sunday Scaries.”

“Sunday is the perfect day to refuel your soul and be grateful for your blessings.”

“Sunday mornings are meant for coffee and contemplation.”

“Sunday: the day I realize how much I didn’t accomplish last week.”

“Sunday is a great day to catch up on Netflix and completely ignore your responsibilities.” “Why is it that Sunday is the longest day of the week and yet feels like the shortest?”

“Sunday: the day where pants are optional and napping is mandatory.”

“Sunday is my favorite day because I get to wear my pajamas all day long.”

“Sunday: the day where I pretend to be productive but end up watching cat videos on YouTube.” I CAN T WAIT TO SPEND FOREVER WITH YOU QUOTES

“Sunday: the day where it’s acceptable to eat pancakes for every meal.”

“Sunday is like a superhero that saves me from the horrors of Monday.”

“Sunday: the only day where it’s acceptable to be hungover all day.”

“Sunday is the perfect day for dreaming and planning for the week ahead.”

“Sunday: the only day where it’s socially acceptable to wear a Snuggie in public.”

“Sunday is the perfect day to do nothing and feel good about it.”

“Sunday: the day where you remember all the things you have to do but just don’t want to.”

“Why is it that Sunday always feels like the end of the weekend instead of the beginning?”

“Sunday: the day where you can stay in bed until noon and no one can judge you.”

“Sunday: the day where you can wear your sweatpants with pride.”

“Sunday: the day where you can eat an entire pizza by yourself and not feel guilty.”