“May the peace of God that surpasses all understanding be with you as you rest tonight.”

“Lay down your worries and anxieties at the feet of Jesus, for He cares for you.”

“Jesus loves you more than you can ever imagine, and He watches over you as you sleep.”

“As you close your eyes tonight, remember that God’s love for you never fades.”

“May the presence of Jesus be with you throughout the night, giving you comfort and rest.”

“Sweet dreams are made possible by the love and grace of God.”

“Let go of your day and trust in God’s plan for your life.”

“Rest easy, knowing that the Lord is your shepherd and will guide your steps.”

“As the night draws near, let the love of Jesus fill your heart and bring you peace.”

“May the angels watch over you tonight, and may Jesus keep you in His loving embrace.”

“Sleep well, knowing that Jesus has already overcome the world and all its troubles.”

“As you lay your head on your pillow tonight, remember that Jesus is always with you.”

“May the light of Jesus shine upon your path, guiding you through the night.” QUOTES ABOUT NOLAN RYAN

“Before you go to sleep, give thanks for the blessings of the day and ask Jesus to watch over you and your loved ones.”

“May the Lord bless you with peaceful dreams, and may you wake up refreshed in the morning.”

“When you rest in the Lord, you can trust that He will take care of everything concerning you.”

“As you close your eyes, let your heart be filled with the love of Christ, and rest in His gentle embrace.”

“Lay your head down in peace, knowing that the Lord is watching over you.”

“May the Lord strengthen you as you rest and renew your strength for the new day ahead.”

“Let the peace of God guard your heart and mind as you drift off to sleep.”

“Sleep well, knowing that Jesus has already paid the price for your peace and salvation.”

“In the silence of the night, may you find the beauty and wonder of God’s grace.”

“As you close your eyes, know that Jesus is preparing you for the new day ahead.”

“May the presence of Jesus bring you sweet dreams and a restful night’s sleep.”