“Fear is the deepest human instinct.”

“The darkness holds secrets that the light never could.”

“The unknown is terrifying because it is unpredictable.”

“Ghosts are not the only things that haunt us.”

“The mind can be a treacherous place to wander alone.”

“Sometimes the most dangerous monsters reside within ourselves.”

“The scariest thing about the unknown is that it could be anything.”

“The mind can play tricks on us, but the heart always knows the truth.”

“There are depths within the human psyche that we were never meant to explore.” “Fear can either paralyze us or drive us to greatness.”

“Sometimes the only way to conquer our fears is to face them head-on.”

“The darkness may be all-encompassing, but it cannot snuff out the light within us.”

“In the depths of despair, hope is the only beacon that can guide us out.” MAULA ALI QUOTES IN HINDI

“True courage is not the absence of fear, but the willingness to face it.”

“The human spirit is stronger than any fear that may try to consume it.”

“Sometimes the greatest horrors are not what we see, but what we don’t see.”

“There is a thin line between madness and genius, and sometimes it is impossible to tell which is which.”

“When everything else fails, faith is the only thing that remains.”

“The greatest danger is not how far we are willing to go, but how much we are willing to lose.”

“There is strength in vulnerability, and courage in admitting our weaknesses.”

“We may never conquer our fears entirely, but we can learn to live with them.”

“The heart may be foolish, but it is also brave.”

“The human spirit is like a candle that can be snuffed out by the smallest of breezes, but also has the power to light up the darkest of rooms.”

“The key to surviving fear is to never stop fighting.”